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Strangers and Friends

Oct 25, 2016

Former Regional Field Director for Bernie 2016 and current Get Out the Vote Director for Peter Jacob, candidate for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District House of Representatives seat, joins Strangers and Friends! We talk politics, of course, and what life on the road working for a campaign is like. Find Fred...

Oct 18, 2016

Intuitive counselor, meditation coach, reiki master, and medium Heather Meehan joins Strangers and Friends! We talk about getting in touch with the other side, "somebody training", and reincarnation in the Bible. This episode goes deep, so strap on some floaties, keep your hearts and minds open, and hang on tight!


Oct 12, 2016

Artist and host of the A.D.D. Podcast Jason Barr joins Strangers and Friends this week! Art, hitting the gym, and being a living meme are among the topics discussed. Check it out, and check Jason out at the links below!


A.D.D. Podcast with Jason Barr on iTunes

@BARRR on Twitter and @jasonbarrr Instagram

Omgloljk on

Oct 4, 2016

Kansas City based musician and old friend Doby is on the show this week. We discuss music, life, and ice beer. Check out Doby at a venue near you soon, and keep an eye out for his new EP.

Music at 

Listen for the #SAFchallenege